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How to highlight your cheekbones

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Makeup has been used for centuries now to highlight certain facial features and to hide or transform what you may consider as not your best features. It is important to use colors and products that will help you create the effect that you are looking for. Not only do you require products like foundation, blush and bronzer but also the right brushes and technique to apply the makeup properly.

The cheekbones are one of the most prominent and distinct parts of a face. They can make the face look angular or broad. To highlight your best features it is important to learn how to highlight your cheekbones. It isn’t just the color of blush that you choose to apply that is important but also where it is put and how it is spread that makes all the difference.

Makeup to highlight your cheekbones

Before you begin applying your makeup it is a good idea to cleanse and exfoliate your face. It is easier to apply makeup to a smooth and clean skin than to one that is rough. A concealer is needed to cover up spots and uneven parts of your cheeks. To highlight your cheek bones you would need a bronzer and a tone of blush that suits your skin color. Select a bronzer that is a shade darker than your skin tone and also make sure that the foundation is also chosen accordingly.

You could choose blush in shades of pink, coral or rose, according to the rest of your makeup. Experts recommend that you use two or three hues of the same color to create a spectacular impact. Choose a shade that suits your coloring. Lighter shades look great on women with light skin and darker tones suit those with darker skin color. As a general rule use subtle colors for daytime makeup, while for your evenings out you can use deeper tones. You will need a brush for the bronzer and a blush brush too. Keep a clean sponge handy to help you blend the color well.

Begin by applying the bronzer to the hollow of your cheekbones and spread it upwards, till your temples. Use a quality brush to help you spread the bronzer efficiently. You are trying to create a shadowy effect on the sides of your face. Apply highlighter to the cheekbones and blend it with outward brush strokes. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and then blend it and spread it towards your temples. The color should be seen most on the higher part of your cheek. Apply the darker shade of blush underneath the cheekbones and lighter shades on the high areas.

You don’t have to have high cheekbones to highlight them. A round or square face can be transformed by choosing to focus on the cheekbones. It is a combination of color and the shadow effect that makes the cheekbones seem to stand out

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