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What make-up to use to have an oval or round face look!

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Your face is your fortune, they say. And what if you aren’t too happy with your facial features or the shape of your face? While the face you are born with cannot be changed drastically without techniques such as plastic surgery, you can learn to apply makeup to make it look more round or oval. Makeup with colors such as browns can be used to create shadows that give your face the appearance of a shape you desire. Here is a look at how you can apply makeup to make your face appear round or oval.

The oval shape is considered to be the most balanced of all face shapes. This is because the length and breath of the face is in proportion. Every face shape can be made to appear oval or round. Dark and pale tones of color are used to get the desired effect. The best way to contour your face to a desired shape is with the foundation you use. Choose a foundation closest to your skin tone. Also invest in a darker and a lighter shade of foundation that may be used to make a part of the face look bigger or smaller. The darker foundation creates the illusion of a smaller size, while the lighter foundation helps make that part look bigger than it is. Highlighting color can be used to highlight features. The blush is excellent to add color to the face and bring attention to certain parts.

  • If you have a round face and wish to make it appear oval you would need to use darker foundation at the temples and on the sides of your lower face. Blend it in well with the lighter foundation used on the rest of the face. Similarly you could use shades of brown or bronze blush to darken the face at these spots. Highlight the center of your nose and your cheeks, and your chin and forehead. Apply blush to your cheekbones.
  • To make a triangular face look oval put a darker shape of foundation on the temples and blend in. To make the lower part of the face appear in proportion with the top apply a lighter shade of foundation and also use blush accordingly. Remember to use blush on the cheekbones and highlight the lower part of your cheeks.
  • A trapezoidal face shape can be made to look more oval by applying darker foundation to the lower part of the face and lighter color foundation at the temples.
  • If you have an oval face and wish to make it look more oval, apply a darker shade of foundation on the chin and on the temple. This will make the chin and forehead look smaller.
  • For a square face contour the face on the temple and the sides of the face. Apply blush on the sides of your cheekbones and highlight the center of your nose and cheeks and also your chin.

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